Matěj Kaločai

Graphics Programming Student

Breda University of Applied Sciences

Phantasma (Indev) - Personal Pathtracer Project

A personal project made in C++.

Phantasma is a pathtracer that was intially built along with the Advanced Graphics Masterclass from Jacco Bikker.

It has features such as Monte Carlo pathtracing - accelerated via OpenCL, TLAS and BLAS BVH building, GLTF model loading and more.

Iron line - 2nd Year Student Project

Iron Line is a tower defense game set on an ever-changing train. The level you play on is the train itself, and at every station you add and/or remove a train car, constantly evolving the gameplay.

Iron Line ended up winning the Dutch Game Awards for Best Student Game, it was also nominated for Best Design.

Meltdown Madness - 1st Year Student Project

A 1st year student game project.

Meltdown Madness is a couch co-op game, where you play as sloth engineers trying to prevent your reactor from overheating by guiding water to your reactor core.

Meltdown Madness ended up winning 3 in-school awards, Industry Favorite, Best Y1 Game and Best Y1 Art.

Traverse Research - Rendering Engineer Intern

An internship over the summer (2 Months) at Traverse Research. Mainly worked on implementing OIDN and its relevant neural network operations via HLSL compute shaders and a rust NN framework.

Studio 301 - Game Developer

A part time job spanning 4 years, helping develop games and educational apps in Unity over 4 years. I wrote code in C#, helped clean up existing or create new assets.

Wargaming.NET - QA Internship

An 2 week internship at the Wargaming.NET QA Office in Prague.