Matěj Kaločai

Welcome to my personal website.

I am a software developer, with a focus on Game Development & Graphics, currently studying at the Breda University of Applied Sciences, where I am in the 2nd year of my International Game Architecture and Design Bachelor.


Languages C++ Rust C#

Tools Visual Studio Visual Studio Code Unreal Engine Unity Perforce Git/Github
Platforms Windows Xbox Linux (Raspbian)
Libraries OpenGL DirectX12 ImGUI OpenCL FMOD

Meltdown Madness,

a 4 player couch co-op party game

8 weeks - May 2022 Team of 14 Programmer Year 1 Student project

Meltdown Madness is a game that was created by a team of 14 students in a span of 2 pre-production and 6 production weeks, during the end of our first year at BUas. It's a couch co-op party game where you divert a flow of water to cool your reactor, while trying to prevent your opponents from getting any coolant. Meltdown Madness ended up performing incredibly well at our in-school awards, winning Industry Favorite, Best 1st Year Art and Best 1st Year Game.

My role as a programmer was creating the custom player controller, respawn points/zones and various metrics and designer tools, such as player action recording. I also authored the water and pipe destruction shaders, among others.

Voxel Closure,

a voxel raymarcher written in Rust and OpenCL

March 2023 Solo Developer Hobby project

Voxel Closure is a voxel raymarcher that I am working on, just purely out of personal interest to learn more about voxel raymarching and Rust. (Link hopefully soon!)