Matěj Kaločai

Welcome to my personal website.

I am a game developer, with a focus on Graphics, currently studying at the Breda University of Applied Sciences, where I am in the 3nd year of my International Game Architecture and Design Bachelor.


Languages C++ Rust C# HLSL

Tools Visual Studio Visual Studio Code Unreal Engine Unity Perforce Git & Github RenderDoc Godot
Platforms Windows Xbox Linux (Raspbian)
Libraries OpenGL DirectX12 ImGUI OpenCL FMOD


a hobby pathtracer

September 2023 Solo programmer

Phantasma is a pathtracer that was intially built along with the Advanced Graphics Masterclass from Jacco Bikker.

It is a Monte Carlo pathtracer accelerated via OpenCL, features Greedy SAH BVH building, Wavefront pathtracing, GLTF model loading and more.

Iron Line,

a tower defense game

8 weeks - May 2023 Team of 8 Programmer Year 2 Student project

I worked as a programmer on Iron Line, creating the core fuctionality of the game, such as the train car, enemy and turret behavior. I also designed the original concept of the game.

Iron Line ended up winning the Dutch Game Awards for Best Student Game, it was also nominated by the judges for Best Design.

Meltdown Madness,

a 4 player couch co-op party game

8 weeks - May 2022 Team of 14 Programmer Year 1 Student project

My role as a programmer was creating the custom player controller, respawn points/zones and various metrics and designer tools, such as player action recording. I also authored the water and pipe destruction shaders, among others.

Meltdown Madness ended up performing incredibly well at our in-school awards, winning Industry Favorite, Best 1st Year Art and Best 1st Year Game.

R-Type Clone,

creating a classic side-scroller clone

6 weeks - September 2021 Solo Developer Year 1 Student project

My second university assignment, to create a side-scrolling shooter similar in gameplay to R-Type, which I quickly grew fond of and tried to recreate it as close as I could.

I managed to implement all of the gameplay from the first two levels, with all upgrades, weapons and enemies, including bosses and their attack patterns.

Voxel Closure,

a voxel ray-marcher written in Rust and OpenCL

1 week - March 2023 Solo Developer Hobby project

Voxel Closure is a minimal voxel ray-marcher that I made in about a week to learn more about Rust and the 3DDDA algorithm in relation to voxel raymarching.

Pong Circuit,

a simple game of pong made via logic circuitry

2 weeks - June 2019 Solo Developer Student project

For my final project in the Logic Circuitry class I took in High School, we had to pick from a variety of projects and create them in Logisim. For my project I chose the game Pong, as I thought it would be quite fun to recreate a piece of gaming history.

In the final version, I had a singleplayer and multiplayer mode, and a difficulty system which increases ball speed per 10 successful hits.