Matěj Kaločai

Welcome to my personal website.

I am a software developer, with a focus on Game Development & Graphics, currently studying at the Breda University of Applied Sciences, where I am in the 2nd year of my International Game Architecture and Design Bachelor.


Languages C++ Rust C#

Tools Visual Studio Visual Studio Code Unreal Engine Unity Perforce Git & Github
Platforms Windows Xbox Linux (Raspbian)
Libraries OpenGL DirectX12 ImGUI OpenCL FMOD

Meltdown Madness,

a 4 player couch co-op party game

8 weeks - May 2022 Team of 14 Programmer Year 1 Student project

Meltdown Madness is a game that was created by a team of 14 students in a span of 2 pre-production and 6 production weeks, during the end of our first year at BUas. It's a couch co-op party game where you divert a flow of water to cool your reactor, while trying to prevent your opponents from getting any coolant. Meltdown Madness ended up performing incredibly well at our in-school awards, winning Industry Favorite, Best 1st Year Art and Best 1st Year Game.

My role as a programmer was creating the custom player controller, respawn points/zones and various metrics and designer tools, such as player action recording. I also authored the water and pipe destruction shaders, among others.

R-Type Clone,

recreating a classic side-scroller

6 weeks - September 2021 Solo Developer Year 1 Student project

This was the second ever assignment at University. It was to create a side-scrolling shooter similar in gameplay to R-Type, which I quickly grew fond of and tried to recreate it as close as I could.

I managed to implement the entirety of the first two levels, with all upgrades, weapons, enemies from the first two levels, including bosses and their attack patterns. I tried to be as accurate as I could, so I visited fan forums, and compared against footage. I included bugs from the original (enemies getting stuck at 1:00), and details like the fully upgraded "Force" spinning differently depending on if you're moving up or down and contracting/expanding if you're moving back/forward respectively (visible at ~2:00).

DISCLAIMER! I do not own any of the art assets, those were all gotten from online resources and belong to Irem.

Download R-Type Clone

My version

Original for Reference (Audio Warning!)

Voxel Closure,

a voxel ray-marcher written in Rust and OpenCL

1 week - March 2023 Solo Developer Hobby project

Voxel Closure is a minimal voxel ray-marcher that I made in about a week to learn more about Rust and the 3DDDA algorithm in relation to voxel raymarching.

I ended up with a 640x640x640 cube volume, with a 1 in 100 chance of randomly spawning an occupied voxel, and a checkered pattern on the outer faces of the volume, being rendered at 2560x1600 in ~13ms (75 FPS). It is very barebones and there is a lot more to be done (sparse voxel octree for the world, materials, world streaming, gas volumes i.e. fog/smoke ) so I'll have to revisit voxel raymarching at some point in the future.


Pong Circuit,

a simple game of pong made via logic circuitry

2 weeks - June 2019 Solo Developer Student project

For my final project in the Logic Circuitry class I took in High School, we had to pick from a variety of projects and create them in Logisim. For my project I chose the game Pong, as I thought it would be quite fun to recreate a piece of gaming history.

In the final version, I had a singleplayer and multiplayer mode, and a difficulty system which increases ball speed per 10 successful hits.

Download Pong v2.5.circ